Range of Stayve Ampoules

We are a UK based company which owns and runs the stayve.co.uk official website for Stayve products. We supply only the best beauty products with high client satisfaction.

Stayve bb glow as a brand is one of the best-selling and well known in the beauty industry for their facial mesotherapy treatment products, which are all safe and KFDA approved premium products that can be used for BB Glow, MTS, Micro-needling and Derma rolling.

We at StayveUK pride ourselves on giving fantastic customer care, if you need help or have a question about anything Stayve related you can check out our useful guides or get in touch with us! We are based in the West Midlands UK and we work Monday – Friday.

As an official Stayve Distributor in the UK, we know that beauty can be an issue of trust. We deliver services and products which are trusted by our customers.

We stock the full Stayve range.

Stayve BB Glow Ampoules in 5 colours – a popular and highly effective tinted pigment. The Stayve BB glow serum adds nutrients as well as your desired colour to your skin. The BB Glow treatment can last up to 4 months. It can last even longer with enhanced Stayve skin care products.

Stayve skin care. All you need, whether your a technician delivering Stayve treatments for clients, you want to introduce Stayve into you skin care ritual after a treatment or you just heard how fantastic the Stayve products are! You can get the ever popular repair cream here

Stayve Serum Ampoules. Boost skins potential with a range of 10 specialized serums to treat every skin concern from dry skin, acne, fine lines and wrinkles. Stayve really do have a serum for everyone. Suitable for microneedling MTS and/or everyday skincare.

We now also supply genuine Dr Pen products, you can now shop at Stayve UK for all of your mesotherapy needs!

Stayve Ampoules