Stayve BB Glow Ampoules

BB Glow is a minimally invasive and non-surgical procedure that uses a highly effective tinted pigment, applied by using a nano-needle or microneedles to penetrate the skin. The treatment stimulates skin rejuvenation and collagen production. The BB glow serum adds nutrients as well as your desired colour to your skin

To maximize the effectiveness of BB Glow, it’s recommended that you start with a series of 3-4 treatments, once every 2-4 weeks. After the initial series, the results of your BB Glow treatment can last up to 4 months or longer. With proper maintenance, the effect can last even longer

Stayve ampoules offer the optimal choice in shades to suit most skin tones. You can purchase from, a BB Glow starter kit, with the full range of shades. We stock kits for each individual shade and we also sell each shade as a single ampoule so that you can top up your collection when you need too or just to try a shade.

Did you know?

BB glow treatments will provide immediate coverage just like foundation and Improve skin tone. Multiple treatments are advised to create a better coverage. There’s little to no downtime after treatment. However, clients should avoid hot baths, saunas, and any strenuous exercise. Sun exposure should be avoided for the first couple of days after treatment. Don’t use harsh soaps or scrubs or apply makeup within 24 hours.