Microneedling Aftercare – Matrigen Multi Effect Mask


Microneedling Aftercare Product: Matrigen Multi Effect Mask provides a moisturizing and soothing mask that ideal for dehydrated skin and sensitive skin. Deep Hydration Cellulose fiber sheet absorbs concentrated active ingredient that moisturizes and smooths the skin. Ingredients with Hydrolyzed Collagen and Green Tea Extract that helps to maintain moisture, give vitality, and brighten the skin. Panthenol provides a calming effect for sensitive skin types.

Matrigen Multi Effect Mask is the best facial mask sheet used as Microneedling after care. Matrigen Multi Effect Mask is a very effective mask for the improvement of the complexion which contains a large amount of the hyaluronic acid and another ingredient to make the skin moist, elastic, and to help the smooth action of the toxin discharge and transform it into clear and healthy skin.

Use Matrigen Multi Effect Mask after any facial treatment Eg dermarolling or mesotherapy. The single-use mask can be left on the skin for 15-20 minutes.